Policy Briefs

  1. Mark Wamalwa, Henri Tonnang, Beatrice W. Muriithi. "The Dynamic of COVID-19 Landscape in Eastern Africa". icipe COVID-19 Policy brief, September 2021. [pdf link]
  2. Henri Tonnang, Bonoukpoè M. Sokame, Elizabeth Mbinya, Sally Mukami, Mark Wamalwa, Beatrice W. Muriithi. "A framework for assessing the impact of COVID-19 on food supply chains". icipe COVID-19 Policy brief, January 2022. [pdf link]
  3. Kilonzo Chelsea Mbeke, Mark Wamalwa, Henri E.Z. Tonnang, Beatrice W. Muriithi. "Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) and BCG vaccine on COVID-19 transmission in East Africa". icipe COVID-19 Policy brief, April 2022. [pdf link]

Papers Published


  1. Kennedy Senagi and Henri E. Z. Tonnang. "A Novel Tightly Coupled Information System for Research Data Management". MDPI, Journal of Electonics, 2022. [DOI link] [pdf link]
  2. Emily Kimathi, Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, Catherine Lukhoba, Asaah Ndambi, Bester Tawona Mudereri, Saliou Niassy, Henri E. Z. Tonnang, Tobias Landmann. "Ecological determinants and risk areas of Striga hermonthica infestation in western Kenya under changing climate". Wiley, Journal of Weed Research, 2022. [DOI link] [pdf link]
  3. Komi Mensah Agboka, Henri E. Z. Tonnang, Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, John Odindi, Onisimo Mutanga, Saliou Niassy. "Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for Modelling Potential Maize Yield under Maize–Legume Farming Systems in East Africa". MDPI, Journal of Agronomy, 2022. [DOI link] [pdf link]