International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology

Data Resources

Follow the links below to access icipe's data assets and software.

Service Request

This allows users to fill out a form requesting data management services. The request will be forwarded to the Data Manager and Head of Unit to initiate an action. However, emails and office visits are also accepted.

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Common Ontology

The common ontology is a platform that enables scientists fabricate formal names (i.e., attributes, properties, headers or labels) of pieces of domain knowledge. These names should be adopted system-wide.

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Data Management Plan

This platform enables scientists to describe how their data will be authored and managed during and after a project's lifetime. Different DMPs templates are available.

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Data Collector - REDCap

This is a web platform for building and managing online and offline data surveys. It facilitates rapid design of projects and offers a vast array of tools tailored to meet icipe's clinical and longitudinal data collection exercises.

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Data Collector - ODK

The ODK is extended to meet specific field survey needs. It enables scientists to build forms to collect data on-the-go on smart phone devices. Data is synced to the server when there is an internet connection. The web portal has many features including displaying live feed.

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Data Collector - KOBO

Just like REDCap and ODK, KOBO collect is used for a variety of field surveys, especially in social economics. It can collect data on-the-go and sync it to servers. It has many functions, e.g. viewing live feeds, data visualizations and can export data to different formats.

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The Data Lake

The data lake allows well annotated data and clean data to stream in mainly from REDCap, ODK and KOBO. This platform is also called the common working space or common data area. Scientists converge here to do modelling, analysis, machine learning etc. [work in progress]

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The Data Warehouse

The data portal makes it easy to publish, share and (re-)use data. Data assets with their meta-data are well cataloged and their privacy preserved. Other related online resource, e.g. published manuscripts, are linked to respective data assets.

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Software Resources - GitHub

This is a version control system that manages and stores source code written by icipe scientists.Ideally, the codes process data to information and are written in variety of programming languages.

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